Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Evil Disney Princesses

Here are some pictures of our all-time favourite Disney princesses - Evil and Horror Version!

horror alice in wonderland

Evil Alice in Wonderland. Looks like a eerie doll.

horror ariel little mermaid

Evil Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Turning into Ursula?

horror beauty and the beast

Evil Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Beast looks super evil as well.

horror cinderella

Evil Cinderella. So zombie-like.

horror jane tarzan

Evil Jane from Tarzan. What is the animal with her? A mutated monkey?

horror jasmine alladin

Evil Jasmine from Alladin. Still looking hot!

horror mulan

Evil Mulan. Chinese ghost.

horror nala lion king

Evil Nala from Lion King. Simba will definitely fear her.

horror pocahontas

Evil Pocahontas. That's more like it - suitable for a lady from the Red Indian community. Fierce and scary.

horror sleeping beauty

Evil Sleeping Beauty. Don't wake her up.

horror snow white

Evil Snow White with her monstrous dwarfs!

Are you afraid now?


WhiteStar said...


Anonymous said...


Sarah Jane said...

WoooaaahhH....It's bloody amazing!

I love this rendition so much...

The Dawson Brigade said...

These are freakin' amazing!

Anonymous said...

these are awesomee (:

mairose said...

WOW that is awesome!!

lestopliego said...

These pictures are srceming to be a fighting game.....

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